More Focused – 5 Years VORSATZ.MEDIA

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More Focused – 5 Years VORSATZ.MEDIA

Five years ago we founded VORSATZ.MEDIA. In that time, the agency for film production and video marketing has grown inexorably. Today we are more focused than ever before. This brings advantages for you as a client and also for us.


So far, we have managed the Corona crisis very well. The disruptive changes of the last few months have advanced video tremendously. We have been able to benefit from this. Because we believed in the triumph of moving images long before.

VORSATZ.MEDIA is a spin-off of MEDIA CREW MITTE. Video was steadily gaining in importance and it was foreseeable that this trend would continue. Until then we covered film production, print, podcasts, and photography. We worked in a topic-centered way and very often realized the topics in a multimedia way.

Go deeper

Another strategy is to specialize in a few formats and go deeper and deeper with the staff there. Over the past five years, we have continued down this path. We have undergone a metamorphosis from a service provider to a provider of a few products. As a result, we now create our focus products in a very routine manner.

We constantly analyze and iteratively improve all work steps. New employees benefit from our mentors. The newcomers are systematically trained and supported. From the very beginning, they have access to our constantly updated manuels, knowledge databases and checklists.

Welches ist nun die richtig Videoproduktion?

If the film flap gives the start signal, it is already too late. The right film production has to be taken care of in time.

Bravely say no

All these are reliable systems of quality assurance. Today, top performance at our company no longer depends so much on whether certain specialists are available to us at any given time. Our customers get the products that we can produce particularly well and effectively as the sweet spot.

That also means saying no every now and then. With customers we’ve worked with for a long time, it’s not always that easy. But they understand it surprisingly well. And they admire our straightforwardness. It actually serves them better than any services that are satisfactory, but not the best on the market.

Disruptions Welcome

If you are looking for an explainer video for your technical product or complex service, we are your specialists. You have validated formats at your disposal. Our elaborate methodology for marketing and video production sets the right course from the very beginning.

So we are very optimistic about the next five years. And far beyond. We welcome disruption. Because this is where our proven lean startup methods work.

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William Vorsatz
William Vorsatz ist Geschäftsführender Inhaber von VORSATZ.MEDIA, Filmproduzent, Formatentwickler, preisgekrönter Autor
Problemlöser: Erklärvideos für Produkte statt MessepräsenzMessetermine sind derzeit vage. Erklärende Produktvideo bietet aber auch sonst ungeahnte Vorteile.Erklärvideos: So funktioniert der richtige Aufbau
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