Briefing Template for Video Production and Marketing.



How to create the Sustainable Briefing for Film Production and Video Marketing all by yourself

24 pages of briefing questions and hints

12 links to exclusive expert knowledge

All In One Tool

The Sustainable Briefing

VORSATZ.BRIEFING guides you systematically through the entire briefing process for film productions and video marketing. Whether you are an agency head, marketing director or film producer, you can use it over and over again.
  • Step by step to a complete and accurate briefing

  • Multiple choice questions and open questions

  • Helpful hints to each question

  • Exclusive expert knowledge for each explanation

  • Simply created online and saved without difficulty

  • Working sustainably paperless and save resources

  • Analysis and feedback on request


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    The Problem

    Vague Briefings

    A vague briefing leads to stress in the video production. The results are often unsatisfactory. You already see your magically good video in your head. Yet production is difficult from the start. The following signs indicate that it's due to the wrong briefing:
    • You get offers that are not customized according to your needs

    • Your partners do not understand the objective of your future video as you do

    • You imagined the production process for your new video differently

    • The video production unfortunately does not provide the profit you expect

    No Misunderstandings

    Focus on Your Ideas

    Focus on your ideas, not on clarifying miscommunications. VORSATZ.BRIEFING helps you to clearly formulate your project and translate it into tasks. Future film productions and video marketing will be more successful, you and your partners will avoid disappointments.
    • Clarify message & target group

    • Choose stem means & techniques

    • Define key data for production & video marketing

    • Set milestones and deadlines

    • Define Next Steps


    Start from the pool position

    VORSATZ.BRIEFING is often the beginning for a great cooperation with our clients.
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