Combine Photovoltaics with Storage, Heat and E-Mobility

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We’re doing what we really can. For example, we have been reporting on photovoltaics, energy storage and electromobility for a decade.


To provide up-to-date information about new products from trade fairs to the point of sale requires journalistic know-how and shooting experience.


Photovoltaics with storage, heat and e-mobility

Baywa r.e. Solar Energy Systems presents a variety of possible system combinations for the PV Guided Tours in order to increase self-consumption from the solar system and to integrate the heat supply and e-charging technology. The specialist wholesaler distributes all components – from solar modules to inverters and storage systems to hot water heat pumps and e-charging stations. Four exemplary solutions are used to explain how maximum self-sufficiency can be achieved: single-phase or three-phase.


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Present your hard-earned success. Increase your ROI. Expand your audience. Because there are many interested parties who were not there.  The price-performance ratio is particularly favourable with trade fair videos. Important trade fair dates cannot be repeated indefinitely. Therefore, rely on us as an experienced video production company. We don’t just film you, we also provide editorial support for your trade fair appearance.

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