How to find the right video format for your goals

Image film, explainer video, product video: There are different formates for your needs.

How to find the right video format for your goals

What advantages do explainer videos, product videos and product-independent content have in video marketing?

Because there have always been image films that are felt, the format is established. In fact, hardly anyone speaks of an image video. The image film comes from the time of the celluloid, when film rolls were still chemically developed. But since Web 2.0 there are also many other formats that often work much better.


More clicks with explanation video and product clip

The company boss introduces himself for the beginning glossy photos from the air. Then he pans his camera to his pride and joy, the new production line. Then he comes into the picture to explain how great the company is. The question is: Will the target group also find the video great? Will it be seen in masses and maybe even shared?

Do you want to know, what Solar Age offers to you? Watch the explainer video, just 1 minute and 15 seconds!

The user wants utility value, extraordinary news, fun or entertainment. These can usually be achieved with completely different formats and for much lower video production costs. Video marketing is best for the target group because it shares and recommends the video.

A product video about the endless possibilities with the new smartphone is far more popular than the fully automated production, where the smartphone producer saves money and thus increases his profit, but not that of the buyer.

Marketing with the right video format

An explanatory video showing the tricks used by the target group to make even better pictures with the new model brings even more. And exciting content about shooting in Actioneröffnen opens up further opportunities for viral distribution. It’s good if the smartphone in question only appears on the sidelines, so the content is very neutral and therefore credible.

Shooting for the Economic Development Agency Brandenburg: „Many thanks to VORSATZ.MEDIA, who work very professionally and have always encouraged us as „lay actors“ to give our best.“ Matthias Lechner, Managing Director LUPAC GmbH

So there are exciting options when it comes to choosing the best format. Marketing with the right video format and the corresponding exciting content is not only of direct benefit to the client. It also supports its sales partners and turns influencers themselves into allies. In the end, everyone gets something out of it.

And the good old image film? But it still hasn’t served its purpose for a long time. It only has to make use of modern storytelling, which is based on ancient knowledge.

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