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How the hero’s journey makes every storytelling successful

Joseph Campbell's book "The Hero with the Thousand Faces" was published 75 years ago. No work has influenced journalism, the film industry and marketing since then. The Hero's journey to Campbell explains for the first time how storytelling really works. It is the mirror of our inner journeys.   New York in 1914: A boy [...]
Three-dimensional elements in the explainer film combined with 2D.

Combine 3D in explainer and product videos with 2D at low cost

Elaborate 3D animations are often indispensable for explanatory films and product videos. To create them cheaply and sustainable, they can be cleverly combined with 2D animations. A few tricks ensure a surprising result. Experienced motion designers can achieve a lot even with tight budgets and low power consumption. After all, it's supposed to be about [...]
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Storytelling in Commercials: The Roles of Hero and Mentor

Why are 95 percent of all corporate films and product videos yawningly boring? Because they are self-centred instead of focusing on the target group. A different distribution of roles makes the story a success. You know those guys at the party who only talk about themselves the whole time? They never really ask about you. [...]
Ecological footprint is above the world map.

7 Useful Tips for Sustainable Film and Video Production

Sustainability is not only the focus of our film production in terms of content. Our entire workflow is also sustainable. Organization and technologies help us to achieve this. These 7 simple solutions might also be interesting for other agencies and clients. We just had another contract signed paperless. Our client was surprised how easy it [...]
Video Pre-production

Video pre-production: From hunting to sowing and harvesting

Whether an advertising video, a product film or an explanatory video is worthwhile is already decided before the actual video production. There are a lot of things to keep in mind during pre-production. If you make any mistakes at this stage, you are risking your investment. The request is sent by mail. The customer has [...]
Briefing Template for Film Production and Video Marketing

Proven Briefing Template for Film Production and Video Marketing

Before the film production and the video marketing stands a conclusive concept. Systematic questions help on the way there. Only when these questions have been answered satisfactorily should film production begin. A free downloadable briefing template will help. "We want to do something, somehow with video." This is clear to the head of marketing. He [...]
Kick-Off Meeting bei VORSATZ.MEDIA

Onboarding: Starting Film Production the Right Way

When two companies work together, different cultures come into contact. This can cause friction. Even in a film production. The right onboarding ensures that everything runs smoothly. Other employees always answer the phone. They don't know about specific questions. In our last conversation, we didn't clarify whether interviews were wanted or not. It is unclear [...]
Kameramann VORSATZ.MEDIA auf der Smarter E 2022

Four trade fairs, two days of live streaming

„The Smarter E Europe“, that's four trade fairs under one roof. A highlight there are the PV Guides Tours. VORSATZ.MEDIA produces the guided tours live from Munich in May. On two days we stream non-stop. Precisely defined goals and forward planning are important here.   The pre-productions are running. Only some days until live streaming [...]
Studioproduktion Mitarbeiter Recruiting Video

When should it be a professional film production?

Cheap professionals, expensive amateurs? The goal of the film production determines the choice of contractors. Amateurs sometimes do the job for (almost) nothing. Other times they can be very expensive. Red Adair fought burning oil wells with dynamite. The man was called in when nobody else could help. That's how he became the most famous [...]
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