Kameramann VORSATZ.MEDIA auf der Smarter E 2019

Four trade fairs, two days of live streaming

„The Smarter E Europe“, that's four trade fairs under one roof. A highlight there are the PV Guides Tours. VORSATZ.MEDIA produces the guided tours live from Munich in October. On two days we stream non-stop. Precisely defined goals and forward planning are important here.   The pre-productions are running. Six more days until live streaming [...]
Sustainable fim production

More Focused – 5 Years VORSATZ.MEDIA

Five years ago we founded VORSATZ.MEDIA. In that time, the agency for film production and video marketing has grown inexorably. Today we are more focused than ever before. This brings advantages for you as a client and also for us.   So far, we have managed the Corona crisis very well. The disruptive changes of [...]
Briefing Template by VORSATZ.MEDIA

Proven Briefing Template for Film Production and Video Marketing

Before the film production and the video marketing stands a conclusive concept. Systematic questions help on the way there. Only when these questions have been answered satisfactorily should film production begin. A free downloadable briefing template will help. "We want to do something, somehow with video." This is clear to the head of marketing. He [...]
The film flap gives the start signal.

How to find the best video production for me?

Finding the right company for a video production is tedious. The many providers are difficult to compare. Methodical procedures help with the decision and ensure a successful cooperation with a good price-performance ratio. It is difficult to find the right production company. Having sat on both sides of the desk myself, I know how much [...]

When should it be a professional film production?

Cheap professionals, expensive amateurs? The goal of the film production determines the choice of contractors. Amateurs sometimes do the job for (almost) nothing. Other times they can be very expensive. Red Adair fought burning oil wells with dynamite. The man was called in when nobody else could help. That's how he became the most famous [...]
Image film, explainer video, product video: There are different formates for your needs.

How to find the right video format for your goals

What advantages do explainer videos, product videos and product-independent content have in video marketing? Because there have always been image films that are felt, the format is established. In fact, hardly anyone speaks of an image video. The image film comes from the time of the celluloid, when film rolls were still chemically developed. But [...]
Let's go

Das können wir tun

Sie wollen eine Konsultation zu Ihrem Videoprojekt? Wir sind für Sie da und hören zu. Individuell geben wir Ihnen die Informationen, die Sie brauchen. Ohne Verpflichtungen für Sie. Testen Sie VORSATZ.MEDIA jetzt.

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