When should it be a professional film production?

When should it be a professional film production?

Cheap professionals, expensive amateurs? The goal of the film production determines the choice of contractors. Amateurs sometimes do the job for (almost) nothing. Other times they can be very expensive.

Red Adair fought burning oil wells with dynamite. The man was called in when nobody else could help. That’s how he became the most famous fireman in the world. Red Adair, bourgeois Paul Neal Adair, was well aware of his worth. He demanded fees of up to one million dollars – per day. For this he risked life and health again and again.

In the end, it was still the cheapest solution for his clients. Because Red Adair really blew out the hellfires with his dynamite explosions. „If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job,“ he said, „wait until you hire an amateur.“ His saying about the price of professionals remains valid – far beyond the firefighter industry.

Foto: Red Adair Co. Inc.

„If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.“

Paul Neal Adair

After a few minutes viral

In a company it can also burn in other ways. Perhaps the image is tarnished by communication errors. Or the company and its products are not well known enough. So capital, perhaps good employees and the future of the company are burned. To save here, a professional is also needed. Amateurs can become expensive because there is a risk of a mistake being made somewhere in production. Then the campaign fizzles out or perhaps even backfires.

There are videos that are shot with a smartphone in a few minutes and spread virally because they are authentic, funny and live from spontaneity. User-generated content is real and immediate. These formats are great and cost nothing.


Fan video wrong reaction

The situation is different, however, if a value or even high-price fascination is to be conveyed, if complicated products are to be explained visually understandable as Native Video Ad, for example, and with what is technically possible today. Or if, as mentioned above, crisis communication must be carried out. After the manipulation scandal at Volkswagen, a fan video, however viral, would probably have meant oil on the fire.

The professional production of advertising films, native video ads and content marketing with videos is part of an overall communication strategy. A concept is created from the communication goal, a treatment and then a shooting schedule. When the production of the film begins, the most important part is already completed, the film is almost finished in the producer’s mind. The rest is professional implementation, in which the film production department determines the optimum for the individual order in terms of time and production costs.

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