Four trade fairs, two days of live streaming

Kameramann VORSATZ.MEDIA auf der Smarter E 2022

Four trade fairs, two days of live streaming

„The Smarter E Europe“, that’s four trade fairs under one roof. A highlight there are the PV Guides Tours. VORSATZ.MEDIA produces the guided tours live from Munich in May. On two days we stream non-stop. Precisely defined goals and forward planning are important here.


The pre-productions are running. Only some days until live streaming in Munich. A mammoth task. On May 11, 25 trade show videos will go live. On May 12 the same. VORSATZ.MEDIA produces all videos for the PV Guided Tours.

Editors of the trade magazines and portals PHOTOVOLTAIK, PV EUROPE and ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN will guide the users via stream through „The Smarter E Europe“.  This is the umbrella brand for four trade shows on solar power, storage, e-mobility and energy use.


Zero tolerance for errors

The challenge: The tours have to be shot live. There is no time to reshoot cutaways. Already, the next live stand is waiting. The slightest mistake during shooting can jeopardize the result, a seamless, high-quality live event in the stream.

Live Trailer

Preproduction instead of post

All the animated graphics are already in the studio. The film music has already been selected, editorial elements such as titles and subtitles have been coordinated. The videos are to be streamed in a sophisticated way right away. So everything possible has to be produced in advance.

Six specialists now work in the production studios in Berlin and Munich. There is no eight-hour day or regular weekend. Many updates still come in during these hours.


Well-rehearsed team

That’s why it’s especially important to have a well-coordinated team. We have been producing the trade fair videos for Smarter E with almost the same team since 2018, which creates security. We have known the tour guides for many years. Together, we have built up a channel on YouTube with more then 600.000 plays already. It doesn’t take much input for the team players. Everyone knows their tasks and is experienced.

The „The Smarter E Europe“ is every year a challenge for us: four guides will lead the users remotely through the exhibition halls. Our job is to stay invisible in the background and work effectively. In this way, we at VORSATZ.MEDIA make a live event possible that will still be available as individual videos after the trade fair.

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Lea Klug
Lea is project manager by VORSATZ.MEDIA. She is also responsible for our graphic design.
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