Proven Briefing Template for Film Production and Video Marketing

Briefing Template for Film Production and Video Marketing

Proven Briefing Template for Film Production and Video Marketing

Before the film production and the video marketing stands a conclusive concept. Systematic questions help on the way there. Only when these questions have been answered satisfactorily should film production begin. A free downloadable briefing template will help.

„We want to do something, somehow with video.“ This is clear to the head of marketing. He knows that nothing works without video marketing and that he urgently needs a new video. He commissioned the last web video three years ago from advertising film production XY. He got beautiful moving pictures.  But somehow the image video got dusty with 150 clicks in a corner of YouTube. That’s not supposed to happen this time.


Systematically to the marketing video

However, companies often have quite different concerns than thinking about how to design a video. And they don’t need to. Professional film productions and video marketers proceed methodically in order to develop a concept with their partners in the companies. With a fair film producer the consultation is noncommittal. Together they develop ideas for video production and a strategy for video marketing.

It is an interactive process up to the finished treatment before the actual video production. Here a template for the systematic briefing helps. Step by step the core message can be developed, the target group sharpened and the tonality inquired. A responsible advertising agency or film production clarifies where the potential customer is competing with their video and what their overall campaign looks like. The steps for the subsequent video marketing are planned together, for example for social media marketing, YouTube marketing or native video advertising.

Good advice saves costs

In order to reduce costs, for example, material should be used that is already available to the customer. Here, too, the right questions help to record all resources. Good advice and planning minimize the amount of work involved in shooting and post-production. Where do we get the cheapest film music, what rights do we have to think about? Which animation costs how much? The more experienced the film producer, the greater his overview.

Before you as the customer give the GO for the production, you have the right concept and a binding calculation. You also know how the video will later be marketed. This allows you to better predict how much profit your investment will really generate. You should only start the project with a clear conscience once you have the desired surplus. And only then.


Download the free Briefing Questionnaire now

Download the briefing questionnaire for your next project without obligation. Closed and open questions lead you systematically to your goal. As the client, you will quickly have all the data ready to make a successful video film with the film production company of your choice.

This briefing questionnaire will be an indispensable aid for future film productions and video marketing. Click on the DOWNLOAD button – your 24-page questionnaire will be ready for you immediately. Good luck with your next video project.

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