The film flap gives the start signal.

Sustainable success: How to find the best video production

Finding the right company for a video production is tedious. The many providers are difficult to compare. Methodical procedures help with the decision and ensure a successful cooperation with a good price-performance ratio. It is difficult to find the right production company. Having sat on both sides of the desk myself, I know how much [...]
Briefing Template for Film Production and Video Marketing

Proven Briefing Template for Film Production and Video Marketing

Before the film production and the video marketing stands a conclusive concept. Systematic questions help on the way there. Only when these questions have been answered satisfactorily should film production begin. A free downloadable briefing template will help. "We want to do something, somehow with video." This is clear to the head of marketing. He [...]
Kameramann VORSATZ.MEDIA auf der Smarter E 2022

Four trade fairs, two days of live streaming

„The Smarter E Europe“, that's four trade fairs under one roof. A highlight there are the PV Guides Tours. VORSATZ.MEDIA produces the guided tours live from Munich in May. On two days we stream non-stop. Precisely defined goals and forward planning are important here.   The pre-productions are running. Only some days until live streaming [...]
Erklärvideo als Imagefilm

Explainer Video: How It Is Produced and What It Costs

Which style is the right one? Which skills are important to produce an explanatory video? What are the costs? What are the advantages of Explainer Tools and which ones are handmade? Explainer videos have created completely new visual styles. These in turn have an impact on other genres today. This becomes visible in advertising. It [...]
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